While Away the Hours – London to Auckland, New Zealand

31st July 2015

That’s a long way. That’s a really long way!


No amount of puzzle books, or walkers crisps deals, or new hair colour can prepare you for the lack of sleep, food and joy you experience on an exhausting long haul flight. It is of course worth it. As soon as you step off of the final plane at your final destination all of that disturbing 36 hours melts away.

This was our first adventure so far away from home. We had an idea that during our 7 hour layover we might venture out into Hong Kong. That was soon put to rest. As much as we would have to loved a small glimpse into that exciting city, I’m sweating even now thinking about the stress it would have caused. We resolved to walking in circles around the airport to walk off the previous flight and slightly prepare ourselves for the next. It turns out you can while away the 7 hours in an airport with just a trolley and each other for company.

Plane Food – the mystery of the vegetarian breakfast

Coming into land is quite emotional as the mountains and surrounding scenery come into view you are reminded of both being so far away from home and that the adventure is about to be begin. It’s a sad but mostly elated emotion. However, with my sleeping travel mate nodding off next to me during touch down, I couldn’t share this moment!

We had met Grace in Hong Kong and now left the plane together. Mary Anne, our host whilst in New Zealand, picked us all up. So many people at home has said how friendly and welcoming the New Zealanders were. They were very right. She was lovely and took us on a quick driving tour of Auckland, which our sleepy brains tried to remember.


Once at the hotel a quick shower and food signified bed time. But it’s only 7pm? Don’t care. Sleep.

Flo x


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