Onetangi, Oneroa…how different can they be? – Waiheke Island

3rd August 2015

After the rain thwarted yesterday’s trip to Devonport we decided to give the ferry another go and take a trip to Waiheke Island.

Having been told of the wonders of Onetangi by Mary Anne we promptly got on the bus and hopped off at the wrong stop. Oneroa was the ‘central business district’ of Waiheke and consisted of a cafe, a closing down shop, a ‘supermarket’ and many estate agents.

After a walk on the beach, a quick lunch and the discovery that New Zealand dolly mixture is NOT dolly mixture as we have ever known it, it was time to head back to mainland.

Winter? Are you sure?
Only 11,387 miles from home

Our accommodation for the night was Base, a hostel in central Auckland. It was huge and not as friendly as expected. Thankfully we were here for one night only and leaving early for Raglan early next morning. Pizza, a spot of Black Books, and bed it had to be then.

Tori x


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