Tiki Taki Tour – Auckland

1st and 2nd August

We became three for our first day in Auckland. This was good as Grace (our new friend from Hong Kong) had been here before and so had some knowledge about the city.

The city itself is beautifully surrounded by the sea and has (what we would describe) mainly modern architecture.

What better way to start off a New Zealand adventure than visiting a French market. It made sense at the time – I’ll blame the jet lag. Stuffed with crepes and pastries galore (two days of boiled rice on the plane really doesn’t suffice) we met Grace on Queens Street and set out for Ponsonby.

Auckland is hilly. It’s also really a lot warmer than anyone told us. Mary Anne had informed us that Auckland was more ‘tropical’ than the rest of the country further south. Yet, at the moment, only the thought of glaciers and snow in South Island is justifying why so much of our precious bag space is crammed with thermals!

Palm trees are a bit of a novelty still so photos were more than plentiful
Grace, Tori, Flo hanging out with the palm trees obviously

img_4446We ate at the harbour. At an Irish pub. Tourists? Us? Not at all. Then slowly we made our way back to the hotel.

‘WAIT, slowly??? We were running late so we had to power walk up these vertical hills and my little legs couldn’t keep up.’

Oh Tori I’m sorry. I’ll blame the jet lag again.

Mary Anne and Stephen took us out for a lovely Mexican meal in Mission Bay.

The next day was wet. And sunny. And windy. There really are multiple seasons in one day here. Mary Anne took us on a driving tour of Auckland. There are at least 48 dormant, active and extinct volcanoes in the Auckland area. Everyday is a school day here (Although travelling with a geography graduate I would have at least thought Tori would know this already…apparently not). We got to see the city from Mount Eden and One Tree Hill. Although as a Mouri activist took down this tree it’s now just ‘hill’.

Mt Eden and the Auckland skyline

Flo x


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