19 Challenges – Abel Tasman to Westport

22nd August

So long Abel Tasman and Logan. Happy birthday Dads!!
After our pretty wild night of sober truths or dares we really only wanted to sleep on the bus and, given that our journey to Westport wouldn’t have any activities, with the brewery being closed, it seemed likely that this could happen. Apparently not on Weeman’s bus. He maybe a little man but he’s got a huge personality.

The Weeman himself

Our bus was a full bus of 24, our largest yet. As it was also Oglia’s 19th birthday so we had to write down 19 challenges for her to complete by the end of the night. We then had a full bus karaoke session with a mic.


Tori and I performed our now perfected rendition of Kayne’s American Boy rap, which went down a storm. Other, not so special, performances included Discovery Chanel, Sweet Caroline and a Korean song.
There were a couple of stops but the rain really prevented us from doing anything. Yes we do get rainy days!!


That evening we would all be going to the pub for a couple of drinks. Images of a roaring fire, ales and tales filled out heads. In reality the pub was a sort of labour club come pizzeria, with a broken pool table and a very small DJ booth, which signified one fabulous thing: tonight was karaoke night.
After stuffing our faces with pizza and cider most of the group were concerned with getting Oglia to complete her 19 challenges. She did this with much earnest. Highlights include having to hold Richard’s hand for an hour, taking selfies with strangers, speaking in third person and many shots. Well done girl!





And now it’s that time of night for KARAOKE

Anita, Tori and I smashing out Bohemian Rhapsody

At one point in the night I got presented with a very random rock (apparent proposal? Am I now engaged?) and performed ‘The Gambler’ with the DJ. High life.


Late to bed and early to rise. See you tomorrow!

Flo x


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