An ‘inconvient truth’ – Wellington

16th August

Today we had more of an opportunity to explore Wellington. So Tori and I hopped on the bus towards town and wildly guessed where we needed to get off. Our destination today was Wellington’s renowned museum, Te Papa.


Te Papa is pretty amazing. Quite apart from being huge and housing everything from it’s own Marae, to a so called ‘Pygmy’ whale skeleton, to ‘sheep cam’, Te Papa is a free museum and well worth a visit. It’s an easy place to lose track of time and we wandered around for hours.

Don’t knock sheep cam until you’ve tried it…

We searched in vain for the earthquake simulator but couldn’t see it. But there is so much more to see that it didn’t matter. Loved their recreation of the Morae meeting house which I had to crawl to get into.

Where’s the wally?

We then headed out and stumbled across a street performer. The sun was shining intensely and it was so warm that we stopped to see what mind blowing tricks he could do. Turns out not many, but a few harmless one liners in the sun by the waterfront and you can’t really complain.


Dinner was delicious. Roast chicken and veggie frittata, made using the oddly shaped egg from their chicken. No, it wasn’t square but it wasn’t exactly round either!
Chris had asked if he could read the blog and so that evening he worked his magic and got the whole blog onto their TV screen. It looks a WHOLE lot different on a gigantic screen. We soon realised the sheer amount of spelling mistakes. So sorry for those and we are trying to rectify it!

A serious thank you to Chris, Charlotte, Owen and Daniel for letting us invade your home. We had the most amazing stay and we’ll hopefully see you again soon.

Flo and Tori x


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