The famous aroma of Rotorua – Rotarua

8th August

An early breakfast of French toast and cereal greeted us in the morning,
then it was a quick getaway to Rotorua town.

The short drive to Rotorua saw some dramatic changes in the air. Being a geothermal area Rotorua is well known for having an overwhelming smell of sulphur. Thankfully we had been pre warned as by the time we reached the town there was no escape the eggiest smell we have ever experienced.



We had opted for a thermal mud spa as we felt like we needed to experience this wonder. And wonderful it was. The mud is soft and doesn’t feel dirty. We also had a chance to have a 40 degree bath in sulphur water. It was amazing BUT word of warning do not take your jewellery anywhere near the baths, in fact don’t even get them out in Rotorua as even the air will tarnish them. We are leaving Rotorua cleaner and with lovely soft skin but with black earrings and rings.


After the baths we opted for a walk around the natural geothermal pools. The steaming polls and the smell is quite thrilling. Then the rain started. And it didn’t stop. Thankfully I had my waterproof trousers in my bag- Tori wasn’t so prepared!


Then it was yet another goodbye to yet another bus and time to start our next solo adventure in Rotorua.

For dinner we decided to push the boat out and have a break from the pasta that had been our main sustenance and actually eat out. We headed to the Indian Star. It was amazing, so much good food (thanks for the tip Mary Anne it definitely did not disappoint). The sleepiness we felt when we left was certainly lifted when we were hit full blast by the icy temperatures of New Zealand winter.

Tori and Flo x


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