‘We use backpacker bone mostly’ – Westport

23rd August
With some sore heads (some a lot sorer than others) we got up at the crack of dawn and on the bus for 7.30am.

Today we were doing bone carving. We were picked up at Paparoa National Park but first we had time to look at the pancake rocks. Really amazing but stunning as it was, the wind and serious cold made the pancake shack where we’d been dropped off look a hell of a lot more appealing.


As the rest of the group queued up to buy tea and pancakes we got picked up a rickety people carrier, that reeked of dog, for our bone carving experience. As we headed further away from any hint of civilisation and were dropped by the woods, it began to feel more and more like a setting for a horror film. This wasn’t helped by the walk through the woods, over a stream and towards the smallest of small sheds.


The shed was Skeleton Crew’s workshop and tiny it was, made even tinier by the four huge dogs running through it. We picked our designs and were then given a piece of bone which we were assured was backpacker… It is actually cow from the local butcher.

img_9048 img_9056


Then she let us loose on machines. Despite some muffled, and not overly helpful, instruction no fingers were lost in the making of our carvings. Then came the sanding. Sanding. More sanding. At this point they still looked a little wonky and definitely had that ‘homemade’ look. She then took them to finish them off. Lumps and bumps gone, they came back looking not unrecognisable but far more impressive than they had done before. Buffed and they were done. We did it.


Good ol’ Weeman came to pick us up and cheer up a freezing and hungry Flo. A game of slaps and bruise time and she was smiling again.


Greymouth. Here we hopped off Weeman’s bus. We had such a great time with him and will hopefully catch up in Queenstown. But for now we’re in our hostel with a fire, heating, a golden retriever and towels! Very happy travellers.


Tori x







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  1. What a unique and fun read- I can’t wait to explore more of your blog! Thank you for sharing! And yay for no finger loss


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