‘Welcome to Bulls – A town like no udder’ – Bulls to Wellington

14th August

The pain. Oh the pain.

Nothing works. Legs can’t move. We can’t move. Will we ever walk properly again? At this point it seems highly unlikely.

Getting on the move and on the bus to Wellington was horrendous. We hobbled down the stairs from our first floor room at an alarmingly slow pace. Why there is no lift is beyond me. Getting ready and getting on the bus passed in a blur of aches and pains.

Today of all the days we seemed to stop and stumble off the bus every few minutes..

First we all fell out of the bus for a chocolate eclair stop. The question why I voluntarily moved when I don’t even like eclairs still haunts me. Then came the real million dollar question, would we like a group photo next to the giant carrot sculpture. No. No Maverick we would not.

Another stop. This one for coffee and what John tried to convince us was a ‘shamel’ (a camel bred with a sheep) which turned out to be your average llama…cheers John.

Eventually we found ourselves in gumboot territory Taihape, so naturally a group photo with a corrugated iron welly was the only thing to do. So yet again I crawled off the bus, trying and failing to hide my utter dejection.


NO Maverick no more pictures. We do NOT want a photo being run over by a tank. Oh but he did so he skipped over and posed beautifully as maimed roadkill.
Welly wanging, an apparent must do in gumboot territory. So one more stop to chuck some wellies in the welly wanging stadium. I think it is safe to say that Flo and I have not found our calling in welly wanging but at least we avoided throwing it over the wall onto the railway like Mike.


Just one more stop before Wellington. Maverick dropped us at one end of Bulls and picked us up at the other end. At this point I was starting to think he enjoyed watching the limping, hobbling, pain crooked faces and was just having a bit of a giggle.

WELLINGTON. We’re finally here. Flo, Olly and I signed up to do a tour of the Weta Caves, the production team who brought us Lord of the Rings. Just to top off this already fabulous day of agony, this tour began as a tour around the woods pointing out the odd twig that had once been in a deleted scene of The Lord of the Rings. I think by this point it’s safe to say I was not in the best of moods, so when I was asked by our guide to get on all fours and pretend to be Bob the horse from the 1st Lord of the Rings film hysteria well and truly set in.

Oh just look at the fury


What exactly it is we were doing is still a mystery to all of us

I wasn’t alone. Olly played his role beautifully lying in the filth among strangers pretending to be Merry, and Flo embraced her role as the dark rider, looking more like Harry Potter than anything else.

We arrived back at the hostel and ran into Lilli and Nina from our first bus. We spent the evening catching up with them and the tale of Lilli’s broken hand, then it was time to say a sad farewell to our whānau. We really have had a great time and we will miss you all. Hopefully our bus karaoke didn’t take too much of a toll on your ears.

Lantern’s Loveshack mini reunion; Nina, Lili and us

Time to start our short adventure in Wellington. Chris so kindly picked us up from the hostel and drove us to his house with the most stunning views of Wellington. We were greeted by an amazing meal, a fire and a cat. Life is most definitely looking up.

Tori x


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