Windy city – not so windy – Wellington

15th August

Our first night in Wellington was amazing. We are so grateful to Chris and Charlotte for putting us up and putting up with us during our time here. Feeling well and truly well rested Chris took us on a tour on the city.

img_8849 img_8853

Wellington, despite being New Zealand’s capital, is like no city I’ve ever experienced. The city itself is tiny, surrounded by amazing land and seascapes. As we drove around the bays we were met by views more reminiscent of a quiet beachfront town than a city.

We then proceeded up to Brooklyn wind turbine whose construction Chris had been part of. The views of the city were quite stunning. The mist over the mountains gave the whole scene a mystical feeling, you really do feel on top of the world.

Next we went to Penthouse cinema for breakfast. This place is no Odeon. An Art Deco style cinema with oodles of character that serves the best poached eggs I think we have ever laid eyes on.
Charlotte then kindly took us on the mission of finding new waterproof trousers after the Tongariro crossing had shredded Flo’s. At this point Flo’s legs stopped working, not surprising as the crossing had left her with a fist sized bruise. After hobbling around and visiting the waterfront it was back home in time to catch the Oz vs NZ game.


Chris’ Welsh roots never forgotten with a handmade dragon pizza oven!


Highlight of the year came when Chris’ homemade pizza oven was put to good use for dinner. Homemade pizza and a glass of wine. I think we might be in heaven. Flo rolled out the dough like a pro aside from an excess of flour over all surfaces, clothes and face, then it was time for build your own pizza. The kids, Owen and Daniel, had a friend over tonight and it really was such a good night. We were taught our superhero aliases by Owen so we can only hope that ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Wasp’ are brilliant individuals.


After dinner it was time for the Bledisloe cup final. Fire, a glass of wine, cat on knee and an All Blacks game in New Zealand. Safe to say we we’re feeling more than content.


We ran down to the local to watch the second half with an Irishman, a Scotsman, and a Welshman, this is no joke. Watching the All Blacks win in a New Zealand bar isn’t quite like watching Wales win in a Welsh bar…far less singing, shouting and general uproar. In fact the whole thing was rather civilised but of course an All Blacks victory is nothing more than expected.

Tori x




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