Train. Plane. BUS! – Wanaka

27th August

Today was a driving day but, in typical Stray style, this meant a lot to see on the way. Just be warned this post is mostly pictures and not hugely exciting commentary.

Our first stop on the way from Franz Josef to Wanaka was Lake Matheson. Famous for its reflective views of the surrounding mountain, Lake Matheson was amazing, the cloudy sky being the only slight disappointment.

img_9211 (1)
Lake Matheson

Our next stop was Haast beach, where a stone skimming lesson ended without success.

Haast Beach
Kepa, Flo, Krystal, Kathy and Sam


Thunder Creek Falls was our next stop and the sun was finally coming out. So beautiful and easy to see why it is considered one of the must see spots in New Zealand.

img_9233 img_9234

Today was a long journey so there were a lot of stops. While this does mean that sleeping off our early start on the bus is almost impossible the sights are definitely worth it. Flo and I managed to make sure no one else napped through the scenery with some bus karaoke

The Blue Pools, accessible only by a very rickety looking swing bridge, is the clearest blue water. The water looks so inviting until you remember it’s glacier meltwater. No one was brave enough to have a swim. Although Tutu thought it would be a giggle to try and throw me off the bridge. Callun, however, did hop over the bridge rails and balance over the water…



img_9275 img_9521

Lake Wanaka is New Zealand’s 4th largest lake and features heavily in the both The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings. Cold and very windy we found shelter in a teepee made of sticks.




Tutu the great wizard of Wanaka


Our final stop was Lake Hawea. A seriously stunning view of the mountains and volcanoes reflecting in the lake. So many photos, then onwards to Wanaka.

img_9295-0 img_9302-0



Our arrival in Wanaka meant one thing, it was time for the pub. John, being the sensible one, did not join us, but the rest of us hit the bar for some well deserved drinks after what had clearly been a trying day of beautiful sights.


img_9534 Tori x



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