‘I just came down here to see if you guys were bored’- Wanaka and Queenstown

28th August

The title is my own quote. The jump wasn’t very busy and the men in the boat were taking naps in between collecting jumpers. I wanted to see how they were.

Unfortunately we didn’t get enough time to explore the town of Wanaka as instead being the kids we are Tori and I had opted to visit puzzle world before leaving town. All the others went on a hike. Give us a maze over a mountain any day.

img_5038 (1)

The first obstacle was indeed, a massive maze. Statistics said that most would complete the maze in 60- 90 minutes. 30 minutes later we had found all four towers and the ‘exit through the gift shop’. I’d like to think that this was down to our incredible intelligence and logic and not that, as it began raining, we power walked/jogged through every possible route.



The second part of our puzzle world experience was a series of rooms full of optical illusions. There was the room of 3D heads that followed our every move and a room that appeared normal but as you walked from one end of the room to the other the ceiling began to lower. The best of all had to be the tilting room, which came with it’s own warning that balance could severely be affected. We soon figured out why. The only sensation I can compare being in this room to is that of being very drunk. It was nearly impossible to walk in a straight line. Bizarrely, there was a snooker table that was clearly slanting upwards and yet the snooker ball rolled upwards. WHAT!?



Tutu picked us up and we all headed to Queenstown.
Queenstown. The home of adventure. Over 200 individual activities available. The home of the bungy.
‘Neither of us will ever do a bungy.’
The moment I changed my mind about this was when we were shown a video on the history of the bungy jump, showing the inventors jumping off the Eiffel town. It looked a lot of fun. Terrifying but fun. I had to try it.

img_5052 img_5050

Tutu and Stefan performed a lovely tandem jump. Tutu had claimed that he never wanted to do the jump unless he emerged himself into the water. But this didn’t happen. They still offered it to me as an option. Seeing as the brave men before me didn’t fancy the water I couldn’t see a reason for me to.

Stefan and Tutu tandem jump

Time to jump. We had briefly met a girl who was with her family and had also decided spontaneously to jump too, much to her mother’s horror. If she could do it so could I.
The jump is over too quickly. There is free falling for around 3-4 seconds and then the cord snaps you back up of all again. The sensation is amazing, very freeing. The only bad bit is hanging upside down waiting for the boat. Only then is there the slightly unpleasant feeling that your head is going to explode.

img_5054 img_5055

The men pulled me back into the boat and I was free again!
It was an excellent feeling pushing yourself to do something you adamantly said you’d never do. To be able to do it at the home of the first ever commercial bungy jump was also a bonus. Cheers Aj Hackett!

Queenstown is not like anywhere else in New Zealand. One in six people was a resident and of those residents one in four was a Kiwi. It had a distinctive European feel to it, exactly how I would imagine a ski resort to look and feel like.
We had really formed a good group of friends from this bus. Checking in to Base, more friends arrived from other buses. Party time!




Stray Squad <3: Kathy, Alex, Stefan, Kath, Me, Sam Jr, Tori, Kepa, Sam Snr

Flo x




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