‘Guys can we move there is someone following me’ – Fear Factory, Queenstown

2nd September

So we are having so much fun in Queenstown that we almost forgot about our blog. Oops.

Tonight no one really fancied going out again so on a whim we opted for something slightly different. The Fear Factory. We had been pre-warned that this was a terrifying but fun experience. Lantern refused to go back after ‘screaming like a child’. What was about to happen to us?

Notice the fear slowly turning to curiosity from the front to the back

The Fear Factory was a maze of rooms and corridors which you walked though in pitch black. The only thing you had to follow was a tiny red dot. Along the way ghosts, men in chains, small children and all manner of horrifying things would jump out at you, run at you, stroke your face or whisper menacingly from behind bars. It honestly was terrifying, and we with Tori and I at the front the horror was felt even more.

Gerhard bore some of the brunt of the frights, as being at the back meant he could feel something always following him. Although he never seemed that panicked about this, merely muttering ‘please can we move on now as there is someone following me’. Tori and I did most of the screaming for the group.

It’s an excellent thing to do and a quick way to get that heart racing!

Flo and Tori xx


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