‘I want to ride my tricycle’ – The Shotover Jet, Queenstown

6th September



Want to do the  Shotover Jet doing 360 degree turns, at speeds up to 85km/hr in a boat through steep canyons?

No. Please no.

The big red boat takes you on an adrenaline filled white water ride, speeding inches from rocky outcrops and boulders through the narrow canyons in water down to only 10cm deep. And this was today’s activity, clearly planned before we found out about litre glasses of cider.

Turns out that there is no greater hangover cure in the world than adrenaline. We were on cloud nine.


The Shotover jet was experienced by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge last year, and having seen the photos of the royal couple looking pretty damn good, we thought it might not be as hair raising as we first thought. I can only assume that their composure was because they were sitting in the centre of the boat… We were positioned at the back and in the corner and didn’t look quite as refreshed.


Flo and I spent most of the ride hanging on to our precious sunglasses whilst ruining everyone’s day singing Frozen songs. Looking back, the sheer number of 360 degree turns may have been an attempt to get us off the boat. After 30 minutes of adrenaline filled fun the hangover was certainly forgotten about but unfortunately our soaking wet look was left little to be admired.



After a quick and mildly disappointing lunch of toast with a hint of scrambled egg we went exploring the stunning scenery around the river. Of course on the way we found a tricycle and being unable to resist I promptly got on and swiftly fell off again.


The scenes around the Shotover River made us keen to see more of what New Zealand had to offer, so on returning to Queenstown we decided to hire a car and take a road trip to Glenorchy tomorrow.

Tonight we actually took advantage of our hostels free veggie soup. As free soups go it was not bad at all, although when Kepa showed up with a burger we can’t honestly say we weren’t a little jealous.

After a bit of a heavy week we opted for another group movie night in our hostel. Best decision ever. Duvet, sofa, and great company. Night all.

Tori x



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