‘It comes in litres??’ – Queenstown

5th September

Title: It would appear Queenstown bars sell cider in litres, much to Tori’s excitement.

All fresh faced from our good nights sleep in our very own private dorm we decided to go and watch Kathy and Kepa do their final bungy jump. As it was a bright day we opted to save some money and walk up to the hill to the Skyline.



This ‘hill’ turned out to be more of a mountain than hill. As it had snowed the night before we were also met with some tricky walking situations. Ice, snow and steep inclines. This also made for a lot of fun as we started up a snowball battle.


We finally made it to the top, not without slipping and getting wet feet mind.
This particular bungee was a free fall jump, and so Kathy and Kepa would be harnessed around the waist instead of around the feet. It meant they could be more creative with how they jumped and we had a lot of fun trying to persuade at least one of them to do a somersault on the way down. Kathy opted for the superman pose and Kepa backwards.


The view over the jump was, once again, stunning so we stuck around for a few drinks to admire it.

Back down in the gondolier and time to grab our ‘free’ dinner (the other three were staying at Nomads who provided a free meal everyday).

Then, in true Queenstown style we went out for a drink and ended up on a mad one, in a club that played the same awesome songs over and over again, despite Tori and I begging for some Taylor Swift. This kind of life style brought us right back to our uni days and, dare I say it, made us all feel 18 again!!!!!



The state of my bed when I got back at 4am :/

The jet boat tomorrow. Yikes!

Flo x


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