‘Let me have my Pride Rock moment’ – Mount Cook

8th September
Today we were saying a sad goodbye to Queenstown and going on to Mt Cook.

It was a scenic day with many many lakeside stops but oh WOW. Our first stop we can’t actually remember the name of but it is my personal favourite spot so far.



The sheer number of photos will prove how reluctant we were to leave, and eventually Pringles had to practically drag us back into the bus.



Heading onwards towards the Ben Ohau mountain range, we came across Lake Ohau with the range acting as yet another stunning backdrop.



We arrived at our hostel for the night. It was more like a hotel with 4 bed dorms with en suite bathrooms and a bar. More importantly, this was the view from our bedroom window.

The view of Mt Cook from our dorm

Mt Cook is New Zealand’s highest mountain and a favourite challenge for mountain climbers. So while the others went on a two hour hike, Flo and I decided to have a nap in an attempt to sleep off the freshers flu that Queenstown had left us with. Seeing as there was a spare bed in our room, Flo stole the pillow which our unfortunate future dorm mate would never get back.

We then headed out on our own little adventure. It started off well enough with us getting lost before we even began. A kindly stranger then pointed us in the direction we didn’t want to go and we were off again. With it just being the two of us conversation turned into our own little language of Black Books, Monty Python and just general disturbing oddness.



…Then Sam was sent to find us because apparently we cannot be trusted alone in the mountains near dusk… A near normal state had to recommence.

Sam’s whano meal

Papa Knaus cooked us a fabulous family meal when we eventually all returned to the hostel. Adopting true Kiwi style, Sam cooked enough to feed several small families rather than just the five of us. We will be eating leftovers for days.


Before heading out into the clear night to see the stars, a drink and a game of pool was in order. Twenty minutes and many ungraceful positions later Flo finally potted the black ball, leaving Pringles and Oliver close to tears of laughter.

Finally it was time for the stars. They were pretty spectacular. We stood in the pitch black surrounded by the mountains and the faintly visible snow, looking at the starriest sky we had ever seen.

Unfortunately not our own photo, we stole it from Johanna in our group

At one point a silent hooded figure appeared and freaked us out for a bit. Although I think the feeling was reciprocated when Flo stroked his face to check if he had a beard. Turns out it was Oliver all along being just hilarious…cheers Oliver.

Back to the hostel and some green tea out of jugs to see off this cold. Hopefully it’s gone tomorrow…

Tori xx


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  1. I’m sorry to ‘sort of’ stalk your blog- but it’s too perfect not to! Your photos are so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I’m glad you enjoy it


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