Manly men drink beers on boat – Stewart Island – Queenstown

1st September

The title comes from the fact that all the men huddled around the bar at the back of the boat drinking beers. However, we all know that the back of the boat is the calmer section. Men we have you sussed. 

What better way to get over a 6 o’clock bed time and one hell of  a hangover than a very bumpy ride back to the mainland.

Before this Tori, Michael, Gerhard, Sam, Kepa and I power walked up to observation point to look out over Stewart Island and the surrounding islands.


The weather seemed calm from up here but this was proven very wrong as we neared the ferry port.
The way in had been bumpy but this – this was the boat almost capsizing, our stomachs dropping and many green faces. We had lots of fun. Didn’t see any dolphins or whales although Inge swore she saw a seal.

A quick stop off in Bluff, the southern most town in mainland New Zealand, and we were on our merry way back to Queenstown.

img_5136 img_5137

We were reunited again with Kath and prepared for yet another night out. As has become a bit of a theme for Tori and I we ordered far too much food, two pizzas and a bowl of wedges.  Loco, shots, Winnies and much dancing. Tori and I decided that, as we planned to ski tomorrow, that we should go and sort it out. Apparently at 1 in the morning you can’t do a lot of hiring of skis and booking lessons. Not a problem as we could all book to go on Thursday and it would be grand. Better weather too yippee!

Flo x



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