‘Prego we stole your pillow’ – Rangitata

9th September

After a bad nights sleep all round thanks to my snuffling cold, we got back on the bus to head to Rangitata.We did, however, leave part of our family behind. Kepa’s beard was gone come morning without so much as a warning. Sad faces all round.

Rangitata would be our final stay as a whole travel family. Kathy and Kepa were going to leave us at Christchurch and already emotions were running high at the idea of final goodbyes.
First though it was time for some more beautiful scenery which means, with Kathy in our midst, plenty more group selfies.


The first stop was Lake Tekapo. Lake Tekapo is famous for its remarkable turquoise water against the backdrop of the Southern Alps.

Lake Tekapo

The lake gets its intense milky-blue colour from the fine rock-flour (ground by glaciers) which is suspended in the water.


Pringles Posse

On the shores of Lake Tekapo is New Zealand’s most photographed church, the Church of the Good Shepherd.

The Church of the Good Shepherd
The Church of the Good Shepherd

The altar window frames a perfect view of the Southern Alps beyond the lake and so it is unsurprising that is a highly sought after wedding venue.


Sam, Kepa, Tori, Flo, Kathy

We on the other hand were more interested in building rock towers and taking selfies, because apparently we cannot even pretend to behave like adults.

The fabulous five were joined by Petra for ice skating and thank goodness for that. Flo and I hadn’t done this for about fifteen years and it is not something that comes flooding back to you.


We spent a good while firmly clutching the penguin(s) or the edge for stability before poor Petra took pity on us and tried to teach the unteachables. Turns out she was not only a great skater but a great teacher and before long Flo and I were both (almost) whizzing around the ice.

We made it to the middle: Tori, Kathy, Flo, Sam, Petra, and Kepa

Our hostel for the night was yet again in the middle of nowhere and so we prepared ourselves for our own little Stray party. We first checked into our room which had triple storey bunk beds!

After a rather cruel game of piggy in the middle, which well and truly took advantage of my size, it was time to go on a short walk before dinner.


It wasn’t long before Flo and I were stumped by a river about two inches deep. The others crossed it no sweat. We on the other hand travelled further and further upstream looking for a drier path across. A large rock and an overhanging tree seemed our best bet. We were right. We were across and we were dry. Of course we had taken so long that the others were starting their way back. It turns out the only thing waiting on this side of the river was a field of cows…

For dinner Pringles spoilt us rotten by cooking us a gourmet three course meal while Flo and I got in the way playing with ping pong balls. We started with bruschetta, followed by an amazing vegetarian deconstructed lasagne thing with sweet potato mash and ice cream in cones for pudding. Great job chef Pringles.


After dinner the party commenced with beer pong and ended with just four of us keeping it going until morning. Who needs sleep anyway

Tori x


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