‘This milk tastes like cow’ – Queenstown

4th August

Title: Flo was less than impressed with New  Zealand’s milk. If you could just sort that Kiwi’s that would be grand. Thanks

With Kepa taking the day to sleep off his skiing accident, our little group of five became four for the day as Sam, Kathy, Flo, and I decided to have a wonder around Queenstown and take in the sights.


There was a short walk down a muddy track with a little stream, it was very much like the English countryside. The views that greet you at the end, however, are anything but, as the New Zealand scenery hits you full force. We walked down the waterfront and along the stone beaches.



The path from the water led us straight into a beautiful park with the option of free ‘frisbee golf’. Having no frisbee or any idea of the rules we reluctantly moved on to the rows of decorative lettuce..



After this tiny bit of exercise we all decided we were  in need of a treat. Cookie Time seems to be the go to place so we had to check it out. After an amazing hot cookie and half a milkshake I had definitely over indulged and was happy to agree on a group movie night.

The hostels movie collection was certainly an eclectic mix. With the DVD player broken it was down to the old school VCRs to keep us entertained; The Terminal and Flubber it is then…

Tori x



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