‘Where’s John I’m going to kill him’ – The Queenstown Luge

29th August

What better way to start the day after a night out than a massive breakfast in a diner. And massive it was.


Full to the brim with milkshake and eggs we all headed off to the luge.

John, Kath, Flo, Kathy, Sam, and Tori ready to take on the luge


This is 1.6kms of fun, fast-paced freedom. You sit in single cart and steer yourself down the track and go surprisingly fast too.
The luge was accessible via a gondola lift (cable car to us). Even then the views were pretty spectacular. But this was nothing compared to the sight over Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables, from the luge itself.



The top of the luge was reached by chair lifts.


img_5076 img_5077

After a speedy lesson on stopping and starting we were all off. Obviously the boys whizzed off in front and Kathy and Kath were soon following behind. Tori and I decided to demonstrate a more gracious ‘flight’ and appreciate the views. (Those things can go really fast).


Kath, Flo, Sam, Tori, John and John’s yawn

With each run we got better and faster. True to Kathy’s style we attempted some tricky camera shots with the go pro, Tori failing here to be seen due to her somewhat slower descent.

Kathy, Kath, Sam, Flo, Tori, John


Everything was going just fine until near the very end of the final run. Here, Kepa and John (although this is still being argued) decided to have a small race, smashing into my cart and sending me flying. I’m now sporting some cracking bruises down my right leg, just a few more to add to the collection.
Dust yourself and get on with it, but with a slight limp.
Queenstown luge is a lot of fun for everyone. Moreover, the views make up for any bumps and cuts you gain on the way down.

Two Temerarious Travellers on a chairlift


Queenstown is not only famous as being the home of adrenaline but also of the Fergburger. It is a fast food restaurant but you could be waiting in queues for up to an hour for your order. We would try these but tonight we opted for something quicker. Tutu had advised we try World Burger Bar for the actual best burgers in town. So we did. And they are the best. Don’t bother with the rest. Honestly.


After stuffing ourselves so full we could hardly move bed was certainly our next stop. But oh wait. Is that a chocolatiers we see? Patagonia, Queenstown’s chocolatier, cafe and ice cream parlour. After a real chocolate hot choclate and some truly undeserved pudding it really was bed time. It’s an early start for the Deep South tomorrow.

Flo x







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