Ride of the Rohorrim – Mount Sunday

12th September

Up bright and early to go and fetch our hire car for our second road trip. This did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. Firstly, we arrived at the rental to find no record of our reservation under ‘Vicronia Watson’. Then the power went out. After an hour of phone calls, and checking that Sam’s driving license was in fact a license and not a library card, we could finally be given our shiny, beautiful 4×4. Except she couldn’t find it…

Eventually we were making our way to Akaroa, a beautiful French town on the coast.


We decided to stop here for lunch, and we couldn’t have picked a better day. It was well and truly a spring day and so we had our lunch sitting outside overlooking the water.

img_0060-0img_0061-0Our next stop for the day was Mt Sunday, about 2.5 hours away. Sam took the wheel and in true man style ignored any instruction from the sat nav that involved turning left.

We kept ourselves entertained with some classic hits on the sound system. Eventually, somehow, we arrived and were greeted with this…

img_0056-0The kind of views you can’t even imagine are real until you see them yourself. Driving down the gravel track towards Mt Sunday, through the ranges and passed lakes, was quite an experience. Not a soul other than us on the road, it really felt like another world.img_0064img_0062

Mt Sunday is a small peak in the centre of the plain and was used as the location of Edoras in the LOTR films. Although none of the actual set remains, the spectacular views of Mt Sunday sitting alone in the expansive river plain surrounded by the Southern Alps is well worth a visit. As the car approached the plain with the LOTR soundtrack blaring it really was a special moment. Not even being the biggest fan of the films I still appreciated the beauty and immensity of your surroundings.


With the wind howling, we left the car and started the climb to the summit of Mt Sunday. It’s not a long climb but Flo and I can tell you that with that much wind and cold things are made much harder.

When we reached the top the views were unbelievable. The sun was just beginning to set over the snow capped mountains and the wind was so strong it nearly knocked you off your feet but oh wow was it worth it.


We stayed up there way too long considering how cold it was but you really can’t help it, it sucks you in. You could stare at that view for hours.


Quickly making our way back to the car eyes streaming, noses running and red faced after the gales up the mountain, we chased the sunset and watched the sun go down over the mountains.

img_9925Without getting too soppy, it really was an amazing day and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have shared this experience with. Big love to you all.img_9926-0

Tori x


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