Update Failed – New Plymouth back to Wellington

21st September

Today we left New Plymouth and the home comforts that Bryan and Sue had provided us with. We really can’t thank them enough for everything. Hopefully we can come back one day and see the mountain in its true glory.

After many jokes about the intercity bus and their promise of wifi never quite delivering, our bus actually had wifi. So that meant one thing, time to catch up with many blogs that we were quickly falling behind with.

Flo ‘blogging’

Of course this didn’t go entirely according to plan. With a whole 7 hours ahead of us we thought we had plenty of time. My phone battery disagreed and our plan of super productive blog publishing was swiftly put to bed.

We stopped once again in Palmerston North. Once again it was raining… Seems that all we’ve managed to see of Palmerston North has been a selection of coffee shops.

We finally reached Wellington. Hearing that Weeman was in town we sort of half hoped that if enough hints were dropped he might come and pick us up from the bus station. No such luck. So with Flo coughing and spluttering we hauled or luggage half an hour back to our hostel, Nomads of course.

Tonight was ‘party night’. Perhaps not too much due to our 6.30am bus to Auckland the next day.

REUNITED! Weeman, Rob, Us, Sam, and Skeets

After our free meal of nachos we decided to attempt to Skype the girls back at home. Lella, Philly, and Georgie thank you for getting up at the crack of dawn, it was so lovely to speak to you, if only briefly.

Without much warning (or choice) I became the prop in a game of strength between Skeets and Weeman. This means more squats. After accidentally eating both mine, Skeets, and half of Flo’s dinner it was an achievement anyone could lift me at all. Skeets won, but standing at 5ft tall, Weeman put up a solid fight.

Why does this always happen??

Time to hit the club. Should we go? It’s raining… Bed it is then.

Tori x


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