Not New Chums – Hot Water Beach and New Chums Beach

27th September

We love the freedom of having a car again. Where will today take us? Who knows, we are free to explore.


Today Flo, I and our little Nissan ventured to Hot Water Beach to see what all the fuss was about.

New Zealand traffic

The lovely lady at reception handed us our spade and sent us on our way. The hot water can only be reached at low tide, so with bikinis, towels and flip flops at the ready we arrived bang on time. We shed our shoes and wondered how we would know when we reached the right place.


Turns out we needn’t have worried. We forgot that school holidays were upon us…


Hot Water Beach is a popular beach as well as geothermal attraction. Hot pools can be dug out of the sand at low tide and so I began digging watching enviously as we saw people basking in their hot pools.

We found some space and our pool finally took shape and began filling with water. Oh the excitement. It was freezing…what were we doing wrong?


Some lovely couple took pity on us and donated their hot pool and we fell upon their offer. Our new hot pool was boiling! We were also swiftly joined by a small family and a rather larger couple.

The tide was beginning to come in and our patience was being tested a little as the couple began phasing us into the boiling (actual bubbles and steam) part of our own pool. So we took that as our cue to leave, got back into our little car and drove on to New Chums Beach.


New Chums Beach is a 45 minute death defying drive from Hot Water Beach and is considered one of the top twenty deserted beaches. Unsure how to do the New Chums Beach walk, after signs abandoned us on a beach, we unfortunately never got to reach the beach which is only accessible by boat or via a 30-minute walk on a party unformed track.


Still, the empty beach (whichever one it may be) and gorgeous weather meant that we had a chance to sunbathe, despite being ankle deep in snow only the week before in New Plymouth.

Back to our lovely hostel and another movie night. Tonight’s choice, Run Fat Boy Run to remind us of the joys of England.

Tori x


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