‘Why is there no lava?’ – Rangitoto Island and Devonport

25th September

And so it was that the three musketeers dragged themselves from their beds, yet again with no sleep, and arrived dead on time at 8:30am on Fort Street to meet Evelyn and Marc-André.

As it was another beautiful day in Auckland we decided that a trip to Rangitito Island and then a stop at Devonport was a good plan. Making sure Sam had his absolute necessity, coffee, it was onto the ferry.


Rangitito Island is predominately a volcano. There are no inhabitants. It is the most recent and the largest of the approximately 50 volcanoes of the Auckland volcanic field. Rangitoto is Māori for ‘Bloody Sky’ and is named so because Tama-te-kapua, the captain of the Arawa waka (canoe), was badly wounded on the island, at a [lost] battle with the Tainui iwi tribe at Islington Bay.

The ground is formed from volcanic rock, making the track difficult to traverse. The views from the top offer a 360 degree of Auckland and the Islands, and the volcano itself has become an iconic symbol of Auckland, featuring on MANY postcards!

We had a good explore and catch up overlooking the city. Memories of our times with Stray being high on the list.




On the way down, Tori and I were on a mission and abandoned the others in favour of running down the slippery path. They did stop quickly at the lava caves but apparently we didn’t miss much.

Together once again and having fed ourselves, and the obese seagull, boarded the boat for Devonport, a harbourside suburb of Auckland. It is made up of many little cafés and bars but it was the WW2 tunnels that we made a beeline for. High above the town is a ruined gun base. The fortress was used to prevent an attack during the war but was fortunately never used. The tunnels still remain open and we had a good wonder round, some of them in the pitch black. I’m sure the boys had great fun thinking they were soldiers!



It was a MASSIVE run back to the boat at 4 as Tori and I had to grab our sat-nav from the iSite before it closed and before our road trip to the Coromandel the next day.

However, we got it wrong and the ferry left 15 mins later. Mad rush for us and the others waltzed in looking very smug. Cheers guys.

We parted ways with Marc and Evelyn for now and headed back to the hostel to book our next adventure, Bali!

Then it was time to meet for dinner with Marc and Evelyn at Danny Doolans and bid them a fond farewell back to Canada. Thanks for looking us up again guys, it was so good to see you and we will see you in Canada/England soon. Enjoy the snow!!!


Up early for the roadtrip

Flo x


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