A breezy day in Mission Bay

30th September

Today we already a fancied a day out of Auckland. Our new dorm mate Mike had told us that Mission Bay hadn’t been his favourite and he didn’t recommend it, so naturally we ended up going there anyway.

The bus dropped us off right next to the beach. Very beautiful but very cold! The sun was still out but we seemed to have left the warmth in the city as the sea ‘breeze’ well and truly took over. But in true British style we stood our ground, determined to sit on the beach shivering, just because the sun was out.



Eventually the wind got too much for two Brits and a German we retreated, naturally, into the nearest pub. A few drinks later we figured that we had spent long enough tolerating the cold and headed back to the city centre.


The views coming back into Auckland were pretty decent, so while Mission Bay unfortunately didn’t deliver on weather, it certainly did on scenery.

The evening was spent in the hostel bar where we ran into James from Wellington and met Anthony, who in a thick Scouse accent tried to convince us he only had the slightest Liverpudlian twang…

The evenings entertainment was provided with a ‘gangster’ dance off

Time to get back and pack for an early start for the final leg of our Stray journey to the Bay of Islands.

Tori x


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