‘Shoes off’ – Pahia

4th October

Our bus didn’t leave Paihia until the afternoon today so we decided to do the coastal walk. Katie and Pod had gone to do their parasailing so Jack, Laura, Sam, Flo and I headed to the beach.


A walk over beach, rocks, and through forest and after an hour or so we reached a completely deserted beach.




Feeling like kings basking on our own private beach, the smugness began to fade as rapidly as the tide was coming in. Seeing as a lot of our walk back was over the beach we decided to get back ASAP.

This as it turned out was the right idea at exactly the right time.



The tide was pushing us closer and closer to the top of the beach, leaving us with some rather interesting climbs over trees and rocks.



We thankfully made it out. And most importantly, with dry feet and a new sense of adventure. Unfortunately for us it was back to the hostel to get back on the bus to Auckland. We did, however, have time for a quick stopover in El Cafe to use and abuse their free wifi and treat ourselves to milkshakes and smoothies which were stunning.


Far too soon Muesli was throwing our bags on the bus and we were off, waving goodbye to our final Stray destination.

Sam, Arthur, Tori, Laura, Jack, and Libby – The Pahia crew

Our new hostel Nomads Fat Camel provided a free ‘meal’. After a panicked look when asked what the vegetarian alternative to pasta bolognaise was, Flo was handed a minute bowl of pasta with cheese.

This meal was really more of an amuse bouche, so feeling completely dissatisfied we headed out in search of dominoes for a $5 pizza to share. Mission successful. Feeling a lot better we headed to Fort St Union.

The table next to us looked very much like a business do so when they left and we saw an untouched Mediterranean platter, two bowls of wedges and half a bottle of wine it would be lying to say we weren’t tempted. Then entered Mike. Our knight in shining armour. Feeling too grubby to take it ourselves, Mike stepped in.

Safe to say we were fed well that night.

Tori x


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