A sad farewell and a crawly hello – Auckland to Sydney

8th and 9th October

Our final days in New Zealand were weird. We were looking forward to the next adventure but we were very sad to leave New Zealand.

Tori and I ventured to Mission Bay to catch up with Mary-Anne. We had a lovely lunch in a pizzeria and heard all about her tales from Europe and how Stephen had gotten on in his mammoth bike ride on part of the Tour de France route.

We then hopped back over the centre and had a good look around at a great cruise ship that had entered the port. I love cruise ships. So big!



Then time to mentally prepare ourselves for the next day. Final drink with Mike and Sam and bed.


Packing for a plane with all the crap we have is nigh impossible. I ended up chucking mine into anything and everything I could find. Then it was time to say goodbye. Goodbye food bag you have served us well, good luck and well done to all those who are nabbing our free food!!!!

Mary-Anne came to collect us from the hostel in a moment that meant we had come full circuit from when we arrived.

We then had to say bye bye to Sam, whom we had been travelling with for six weeks. Our token German. Thank you for putting up with us and for joining in with all our fun! We miss you but hope you have the most amazing time in South America and beyond! Tschüss!

Then we were off. Back onto a plane.

New Zealand has been outstanding. We both had the most incredible time. Limitless fun coupled with meeting the most extraordinary people. New experiences that we never dreamed of and moments that outlived our dreams. We look forward to hopefully seeing you again.



Our first experience of Sydney was heat. It was a lot hotter. Especially when we made it to our first hostel, which was uncharacteristically hot for what we were used to.

Then. Within minutes of being there and putting down our bags, I spotted something HUGE crawling towards us. A cockroach. We had a bit of squeak moment, thankfully finishing just before one of our dorm mates came in, Connor. We regained our dignity and had a chat.

Then crunch. This horrendous noise and I found the crushed cockroach underneath my feet. Welcome to Oz.


To get ourselves through the night with the knowledge the room was full of cockroaches meant one thing. Drinking goon. This, we found out, is an essential item in any backpacker in Australia and is essentially a box of wine, but 5litres for around £8! So we had a few glasses and settled down to try and forget about our new crawly friends……


Terrified Flo x


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