Our duo’s up to three! – Sydney

11th – 12th October

The main aim of today was to get out of the crawly, hot hostel with its slightly strange and unfriendly people. We’d been brave for two nights but now it was time for a private room and sleep. We had created this story that we were moving to a hotel to meet our friend in order to appear more cool than we were. This was fine. Even though the new hostel was approximately a minute round the corner it would be fine.

Farewell to Lucky, Gemma, Connor et al and off we go. And indeed it was round the corner. The lovely thing about travelling so far is that we have come to trust fellow backpackers. A theory of ‘we are all in this together’ means we have become more relaxed about leaving our bags out in the room and, most importantly, the food in the communal fridge. So pop the bags in the hall and out we go.

Bit of shopping brought us right back into Kings Cross, the area of our last hostel. Wouldn’t be funny if now we bumped into the guys from the old hostel. Yes hilarious. Karma hits you good and proper for telling a little white lie. Everyone of the gang from Room 1 approached us on the street. ‘Oh, we thought you’d moved to the other side of the city’. Yeah, we had but we knew where the supermarket was here. So we walked back. 45mins in the wrong direction. Yeah, they’ll buy that…

Red in the face we hurried on back to the new hostel and rapidly hid from the world.

There was massive mission going on in the kitchen where two Germans were creating what looked like a feast, and what also looked like would be eaten by just them. This did mean that the rest of the hostel had to watch and wait for some space in the kitchen, resulting in a mass dive for a pan. Pretty selfish, especially as we weren’t offered any of the goods. To avoid pangs of hunger we drank some more goon and I let Tori cut my hair. It went fairly well.


The next day we would become three as we would pick up Abi, who had flown in from England that day. This would be a the proper start of our adventure as the three of us would travel together up the east coast.

So it was that on the 12th we picked up a very tired Abi (with us looking incredibly sweaty) and hunted out Bounce hostel.

Bounce was winner of the best Sydney hostel two years running and so we had high hopes. These were soon doused out when the first thing we saw was be price of the rooms had increased to $45 a night! We were used to paying maybe at most $30. And when the smarmy guy on the checkout said ‘you get what you pay for’ we wanted to chuck it back in his face and say ‘well we’ve stayed in some dives but at least we got free wifi and breakfast’. But in our polite British way we handed over our credit cards and smiled. Bounce you did have clean beds and a lovely terrace but your attitude disappointed.

We had to keep Abi awake and busy so headed out into the city to see the sights and pretended we knew where we were going. First stop the botanical gardens, filled with exotic flowers and leading right out on the harbour.








We had a good look round the area around Sydney Opera House, then headed back to the hostel to rest a while and let Abi recover from the 24 hour flight.



Chinatown was our stop for dinner and a better choice could not have been made.




Even though Tori and I weren’t jet lagged, Oz was two hours behind NZ, we had sympathy jet lag for Abi and so it was bed time.


Flo x




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