‘Takin’ on the jellies’ – Sydney Sea Life

13th October

Today rained. And rained. And rained. Welcome to the other side of the world Abi.

Having no idea what to do in Sydney in the rain we headed to the aquarium. Sydney Sea Life is famous for its residents dugongs, Pig and Wuru, the only pair of dugongs on display in the world.



Divided into Great Barrier Reef, Shark Valley, Dugong Island etc…it takes you through the waters of Australia with everything on display from platypuses to sawfish, penguins to sea horses.




Flo and Abi making friends with either Pig or Wuru

The brand new experience means that guests can walk through the underwater tunnel and get up close and personal with the rays, dugongs, sharks, and many many fish.


Like the zoo, the aquarium seemed to be home to some slightly sad or bored animals. The fish looked merry enough but the sharks and rays had very little space considering their size and numbers and the puffer fish was tragically swimming repeatedly up and down as fast as it could in its tiny tank.




After the aquarium the weather was still miserable so with hoods up we marched back to the hostel.

Flo wasn’t feeling her best and Abi was still suffering from jet lag so a movie binge in the hostel it was. The first floor TV room was laden with beanbags so we settled ourselves in for the long haul, leaving only to buy oranges and yoghurt for dinner.

Tori x




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