Welcome to Room 1 – Taronga Zoo, Sydney

10th October

Start as you mean to go on right?

Well, we started our day, and our time in Australia, shuffling around on the floor under someone else’s bed, avoiding crawling masses of cockroaches, and piles of dirty underwear trying to retrieve Flo’s phone…

For our first day in Sydney we headed straight for Taronga Zoo. We left our cockroach infested hostel so quickly we forgot to check where our ferry left from.


Darling Harbour




Ending up in Darling Harbour instead of Circular Quay we decided to take advantage of the glorious weather and walk around the seafront by Bangaroo, The Rocks, and before you know it the famous view of the Sydney Opera House came into view across the water.


This is what I have to put up with…

Taronga Zoo is a short ferry ride from Sydney City centre. The ferry gives you a great view of the harbour bridge and the opera house.




The zoo is massive! 52-acres, over 4,000 animals, cafes, many gift shops and one day to see it all. Challenge accepted.

Obviously no childhood is complete without a rocking kangaroo


The zoo itself was a bit of a sad place. Neither of us have ever really been a fan of the zoo but having head it was a must see we decided to give it a go. Personally we thought the animals looked a bit depressed and weren’t a fan. I’m sure all animals receive the best possible care and are well looked after, this is based entirely on personal opinion. The gorillas and the elephants in particular struck a chord with both Flo and I.




The size and the interesting signage in the zoo means you can spend hours with no idea where you are or where you’re going.



We came face to face with an emu, stroked a kangaroo and I begged a quokka to be my best friend. This particular friendship was short-lived and reciprocated.






We found our way back to Circular Quay after getting on the wrong boat. In our defence two boats arrived at once, we just happened to pick the wrong one. We fought our way through the swarms of people getting on and got on the right boats as if nothing had happened.

Back to our infested hostel and our box of goon to prepare us for the creepy crawlies.

Tori x



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