‘That’s such a Lexus driving face’ – Palm Beach, Sydney

14th and 15th October

Today we checked out of bounce to head for the luxury of Tim and Rachel’s home in Mona Vale.

First though we had to sort out our Australian adventure our with our new friend Dom, or was it Norman? from Wicked Travel.

We did it. With all our major activities booked and a couple of freebies thrown in we now knew how much (or how little) money we had to budget for the rest of our trip.

So with ideas of our beautiful bikini bodies in the Whitsundays, Fraser Island and Byron Bay we headed out for a small snack for lunch. Naturally this ended with 3 huge burgers and sweet potato chips… Diet starts tomorrow right?

We picked up our luggage from bounce and walked over the road to the train station where we would head to North Sydney on the double decker trains!

Rachel so kindly picked up us three sweaty messes from the station and took us to a, for want of a better word, supermarket. This shop was beautiful, like Waitrose hugely upgraded. Loaded up with gorgeous fruits and foods we piled into Rachel’s house and we were in heaven. Proper beds, towels, and even Rachel’s car on offer for us to use.


Then it was time for a tiki taki tour of the areas beaches. Beautifully sunny day, golden sand, warm and the beaches were almost deserted, we still couldn’t get used to this. Rachel also let slip that whales should be heading back with their babies so it was very likely we would see them while we were here. Constant whale searching from now on.



Unfortunately no whales today but we were adamant that our time would come. Rachel took us to a lovely Thai restaurant for dinner where we ate far too much as always.

We’re in Australia right, so the only thing to do when we got back home was to watch Finding Nemo course.
The next day Rachel left us her car. Very kind. Very brave.

It was time for Flo and I to prepare ourselves for the sun with a leg wax. My first ever wax. We headed to Avalon. Avalon is an area reminiscent of LA; green smoothies, yoga, full of tall skinny beautiful people, and sushi. Expecting excruciating pain, it was actually not too bad. But still, we deserved a reward, strawberry smoothie for me and green detox juices for Abi and Flo. So LA. Oh so Avalon.


Having heard the reputation of Palm Beach and seen a tiny bit of if the day before we decided to head that way for our first stop.

Turns out we were all wearing flip flops and/or we’re too lazy to do the walk to the lighthouse so we took a gentle stroll up the beach instead and waited for the sun to go down.



Sunset on Palm Beach
Flo’s evening entertainment was funny until she left me…

Tori x

The title is courtesy of Abi and her feelings on Flo’s ‘Lexus driving face’. A fine demonstration of said face



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