‘Let me put my driving shoes on’ – Manly, Sydney

16th October

Feeling super confident now in the Lexus, the mummy of the group (me) drove the children to the beach for the day. We yet again met up with a travel buddy from the old days of New Zealand. Rich has been on our very first Lantern bus and was now working in Sydney. Even after 8 weeks he hadn’t taken the ferry across to Manly, and here we were driving ourselves to the famous beach.

img_5721Golden sands and bright blue skies. What more could you ask for. Luckily Rich wanted a beach day too and we had a fab time catching up on all the goss and hearing about his life in Oz (originally from Portsmouth). It is the norm in Oz that people will often share a bedroom when renting- not sure I could put up with that, but the wages are considerably higher. Better lifestyle too! Don’t worry Mums, we are coming home!!!

img_5720We treated ourselves to some Ben and Jerry’s and a lovely seagull treated himself to reliving himself on me. All in all a lovely day.


Manly is such a chilled place and a great escape from the city. Apparently it’s very easy to hop onto the ferry from the centre and be there in half an hour.

Back to pack and our final night for the mo in Mona Vale. We started our Bali adventure by going out for dinner at Yoda in Avalon. Avalon is known for being the ‘LA’ of Sydney and all the stars flock there. As Tim said ‘you have to say you’ve been to Avalon once in your life.’ It has a really surfer vibe about it. The food was delicious and made is excited for Bali and Gili.

It has been lovely staying with Tim and Rachel and listening to their incredible past life stories, so jealous of the gang in Dubai! Mandy and her seven skirts in winter Australia was a great one – It does get cold here – and also how Tim won over Rachel against all the other bachelors in Abu Dhabi!!!

Ready for Bali heat tomorrow! Taste of Indonesia!

Flo x




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