Light in mind body and soul – Shambala Spa, Ubud

19th October

It’s spa day!

Firstly breakfast on the balcony again – we’re going to miss this being brought to us every morning.

img_5722Then off to a temple for the first half of the day and to see the well known Elephant Cave. We had to take our sarongs with us for this as a strict dress code states legs and ankles must covered.

img_5736We arrive and it was hot! Quite a touristy spot too. We walked around the temple ruins and found the cave…. It was dark and rather small, in and out of it quite quickly. We then wondered around the gardens which were beautiful, a mixture of ponds, flowers and huge trees and bamboos.





As we headed back to the car we couldn’t help but browse some of the market stalls, more shopping. Flo purchased an exquisite kaftan, Tori a sarong and I some typical Bali trousers.

Before the 4 1/2 hour spa we thought we should have a bite to eat. We went to Cafe Lotus and had some spring rolls and samosas. This restaurant is surrounded by ponds full of lotus leaves and has a temple- a beautiful setting for lunch.





SPA! We arrive and are individually treated to a sound table. Basically, we had to lay on a wooden table while a metal instrument was played underneath and sent vibrations through the table into our body. Possibly one of the least relaxing experience of our lives as we desperately tried to hold in the giggles, but travelling is all about new experiences right?

After this we were assigned our massage therapists and led off to our ‘rooms’. The massage was amazing! 1 and a half hours of the best massage I have ever had followed by a salt scrub. After we were told to shower it off and wake our selves up – I think all three of us drifted off at some point. I personally was very impressed with the shower part (nicely decorated, fluffy towels, free soaps) the others found this hilarious as I mentioned it in the guest book- hey I love a good shower.



After our massage we had facials, manicures and the reflexology with Putu. This was interesting but good…and a bit painful. Let’s just say he really got the knots out!

We were provided with ginger tea throughout which Flo and I loved… Tori not so much. After feeling fully relaxed, stretched out and flexible again we headed off for more food at soon becoming our fave, Wayans Cafe.

The spa was a wonderfully thrilling and relaxing experience. We were treated like Queens and came out feeling light in body and mind. Thank you Shambala Spa. Plus it was all for under £30!!!

The hectic day of temples and massages left us feeling tired so we headed back to Murni’s Houses and prepared to head off the Sanur the next morning.

Abi x




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