‘Charlie’s Angels, where’s Charlie?’ – Gili Air

22nd October

Flo and I woke this morning to find our legs unrecognisable under the hundreds of mosquito bites. Abi had somehow avoided the bloodsucking creatures.


img_1142Today was a day of exploring Gili Air. The island is tiny and can be walked around easily in less than an hour and a half. The only modes of transport on the island are bicycle and horse and cart. Abi and I therefore spent a lot of the exploration staring pitying at these poor tiny ponies dragging fat tourists or huge deliveries around in the full heat of the day. And cats. Cats everywhere. I would be in heaven except they all have either broken or docked tails 😦 My cats at home don’t realise quite how good they have it.


img_1143-0 img_1150

We found ourselves on the west side of the island and found ourselves a nice spot to watch the sunset that night before heading back to the beach to get ourselves in that bright blue sea. Turns out the sand doesn’t extend all the way to the sea and is replaced by sharp coral which seems intent on injuring you by any means possible. Once you made it into the sea it was lovely, clear blue, fish swimming around you. It was the getting in and out which was the issue – grace is impossible.

Cards, smoothies, and lunch by the sea. Island life is pretty blissful right now.


What better way to end a day than to watch the sunset with a sundowner. Except when we got to the other side of the island there was no sunset, instead the sun disappeared behind a haze cloud and was gone. Oh and the waiter forgot my drink. So all in all not the best sundowners but still can’t complain life is pretty splendid.




We also found a beach swing which obviously entertained us for far too long.




Tori x

The title is from one of many street vendors and waiters as we somehow became known as Charlie’s Angels 


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