Home and Away – Palm Beach, Sydney

28th October

After fresh water showers, takeout gourmet pizza and actual clean feet we felt almost human again. Almost. Abi was still suffering with coral injuries so Flo and I donned our trainers and headed out to do some exercise. We gave Palm Beach another go seeing as we’d failed to do the lighthouse walk the last time. Plus we’d found out that we could park Rachel’s cars there for free, added bonus.



Arriving in our hoodies, leggings, sunglasses and not looking all that fabulous, we of course soon came to realise that Palm Beach is not only the filming location for Home And Away but also the hang out for the extremely fit and beautiful doing daily exercise in as little clothing as possible. So feeling like whales we began the walk along the beach, our self esteem not being helped by the fact we were stalked by flies the whole way down the beach.


Beautiful views of the sea on one side and the estuary on the other appeared as we climbed. Suddenly a scream from Flo indicated a fat lizard whose little legs couldn’t reach the floor (unfortunately I know how he feels).


Lighthouse. No whales to be seen. Freezing. The wind had well and truly picked up and Sydney weather felt more like England. Swiftly we made our descent back to the car and back to Abi.


Vietnamese tonight and a sad goodbye to Tim and Rachel who would more than likely be up long before us. Thank you so much for having us we really have had a wonderful time. Truly a home away from home. Lots of love.

Tori x




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