Paradise – Gili Air

24th -26th October

The days in paradise do sort of drift by in a wonderfully peaceful way. Biggest stresses include where to eat, whether to visit Scooperific now or later (a wonderful ice cream/crepe/wifi/beach spot), which beach to snorkel off today…you get the idea. This is of course until you find a large cockroach in your hair and Abi informs you of the massive spider in the outdoor bathroom.

The snorkelling in Gili Air turned out to be a lot more successful than our forray over to Gili Meno. The reef was stunning; beautiful corals, so many fish in every size and colour. Still no turtles. Sad face.

To drown our turtle woes we went to the beach club to watch The All Blacks beat The Springboks in the rugby World Cup semi final. We met our new French friends there, who apparently just liked to lose seeing as they were supporting South Africa… Bintang in one hand and cards in another being taught a complex game of ‘snap’, New Zealand obviously winning in the background. This almost made up for that fact that Antoine and his friend had seen more than their fair share of turtles on their snorkelling excursion. Oh and did I mention they saw dolphins too. Of course they did.


The next day was another snorkel day. Current stronger than before we still saw lots but in a blur as we shot passed. It got a little hairy as visibility became nonexistent and we found ourselves being pounded into rocks by the incoming waves. We made it back to the shallows. We were safe. Or so we thought. Just leaving the water a piece of coral struck Flo right on the ankle leaving her bleeding and bent double in pain.

After hobbling back to the hotel and the pain not subsiding Flo skipped the walk to the west of the island for a second attempt at witnessing a glorious Indonesian sunset. Abi and I set off with low expectations.



Coconut and strawberry milkshakes and a sunset that was far better than the last (though still hazy). Pink skies, sun loungers, and sea. Poor Flo back in the hotel.




Returning to fetch her for dinner we found a perky, showered, and dressed Flo assuring us she was OK. We needed wifi for something (probably our ever falling behind blogs) so Scooperific it had to be. Nutella crepes for dinner. Oops. Our reasoning? We have an injured amongst us.


Tori x


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