A Backpacker Halloween – Launceston, Tasmania

31st October

Back in the car to head to Launceston for the next section of our Taz trip. Noted for being the second busiest city in Tasmania, and we relished in the idea of getting somewhere that had more than just a single street. And maybe some people who didn’t look quite so upset at the look of us.

Again without a sat-nav we used our girl guide intuition (whether any of us were actually ever a girl guide I have no idea) and navigated our way successfully to the Bay of Fires, a notable coast line attraction. Orange coloured stones cover the shore line and at a glance it looks like the beach is on fire.




It is so aptly named the Bay of Fire not because of this but because Captain Cook, upon first spotting Tasmania, thought that the beaches were alight due to the Aboriginal’s fires. There are now no more Aboriginals left on Tasmania, having been wiped out due to disease and infection brought by the colonialists.

The weather being slightly more unpleasant than the previous day meant we didn’t fancy spending so much time outside the car. But we drove around the coast looking out for Pelicans. The grey sky and the bitter wind reminded us of the folks and friends at home who would be waking up to similar conditions on this Halloween day. And we are meant to be entering summer.

We reached Launceston without any hiccups, experiencing some fantastic rain and fog in the mountains.



And, dib dib, we didn’t get lost. Batman Faulkner Inn impressed us on seeing the front doors. It looked posh. An old hotel made into budget accommodation. It turned out that this was the same hotel that, in 1835, John Batman and his friends agreed to cross Bass Strait and establish a “village” that some time after became the City of Melbourne. It is, also, thought to be the oldest brick building in the city.

With this in mind we bounded up the stairs to our very own room! To prep for Halloween.

With very little resources we had to opt for a more dressed down version of Halloween than we were used to. Wear everything black and use copious amounts of black eyeliner. Done.



Before exiting I had one thing to do. Film my audition price for Odyessey. This proved more tricky as the girls enjoyed laughing at me attempt to sing and act to a badly recorded snippet of the opening number I had put on my phone earlier. I won’t include the video for you all!

Tasmanian nightlife was interesting. After trying out the club, Club 54, downstairs and finding it very much featured a heavy metal band we followed Kath and Kim to Lonnies and danced the night away to some normal music.



Only then did we remember that it was the Rugby World Cup final. Having been in New Zealand, where the whole world stopped for the matches, it came as a bit of a shock to find that no one really cared that Australia were playing, let alone in the final. But, in true Kiwi style, we managed to catch the opening moments at 3AM, noted that New Zealand were winning by a lot at half time and went to bed.

Flo x



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