Second time lucky – MONA to Melbourne

4th November

Today we were to give MONA another go after yesterday’s complete failure. This, we convinced ourselves, actually worked best for getting to Hobart airport later. So we rolled up to the gates and to our relief found that, this time, it was open.

We had already heard that MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art) was a must do in Hobart and we are not ones to turn down a recommendation. An eclectic mix of artworks exist in MONA; from a fat Porsche, a mechanical human digestive system, a rubber human skin, to Egyptian mummies.


The mechanical model of the human digestive system. This room was not one to linger in as the smell was horrendous. The artist Delvoye, said,’when I went to art school my family said I was wasting my time, and now I have made a work of art about waste’.


None of the art inside the museum was labelled so before entering we were presented with an iPod and headphones which would track your location using GPS and describe the art nearby. Mindblowingly technical.


Not all of the art was to everyone’s taste of course, with many representing brutal truths such as rape, abuse, butchery and terrorism. One particular piece of art showing animal carcasses hanging on hooks had actually been removed.



Drug paraphernalia documenting drug use including the items used by the artist

Art is a natural cause of discourse and controversy and MONA certainly encourages this. The iPods that we had been given had a like or dislike button allowing visitors to share opinions particularly on the more controversial pieces. A piece using a two live goldfish in a shallow bowl and a knife certainly got a dislike from me. I’m afraid I could not justify the use of live animals for the sake of art.

img_1545Other works on the other hand were brilliant, the Fat Porsche, an electric human brain in a huge metal head, cast iron sculptures, and a waterfall of words I could definitely get on board with.



After a pesto pasta and cheese roll banquet in the sun it was time to end our time in Tasmania.

Drop off our faithful Nissan, lose and retrieve an iPad, and mourn that the sunny day would be spent on a plane. Still at least we were heading to Melbourne that will be warm right?

Tori x


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