Shelf Cloud – the return to Sydney

10 and 11th November

Sydney again. The great city was once again in our reaches and this time it was the chance for the veteran travellers to introduce the sights and sounds to Alice.

Bus from Canberra to Sydney and a short walk to the new hostel saw us settled for some sight seeing days.

After swiftly dumping the ever increasing numbers of bag in the room, our first point of call was the Opera House and the harbour. Then we moved around the harbour to see the bridge and across the water to Luna Park.




We then decided to attempt to follow the water’s edge to Darling Harbour, which proved a lot harder as the road ran out. Cutting round we found ourselves back in the crazy world of Barangaroo. Rocks forming seating areas and grassy verges it was a beautiful, and romantic, setting for a picnic. Our minds, naturally turned to food and we started planning dinner. Something that has actually become a second to second occurrence for us.


First it was time for a look around Darling Harbour and when our eyes caught sight of a great happy hour deal we decided that glasses of prosecco and gins would go down a treat.


Darling Harbour seems to be the post work hangout for the businessmen and women of Sydney. This was how we found ourselves joining a table of Sydney business workers and accidentally finding ourselves getting through four bottles of prosecco. Oops. Oh well, seeing as we are already out, it’s time to head out to the salsa club to ring in Alice’s birthday.


Hungry Jacks and bed.

The next day we wanted to treat Alice to a proper Oz experience for her birthday! What better than Bondi Beach, renowned for it’s city hippie vibe and the surf. The weather had other ideas for us. We knew this ‘shelf cloud’ would be heading our way with rain and wind in it’s wake. We wouldn’t realise how long this all too ‘British’ weather would last.



But in typical British stoutness we headed for the beach nonetheless.

The beach at Bondi was glorious. A lot less crowded than the views seen on Bondi rescue, but it was a raining Wednesday afternoon. Lunch at the best Italian restaurant was in order to keep clear of the impeding storm. And what a meal it was!




We decided to walk the much talked about walk to Coogee beach, which follows the coastline out of Bondi. The rain started to fall and so we didn’t see the coast in it’s full glory.



When you find yourself without a hood – improvise

Quick bus back to dry off before popping into our favourite shop Greyhound Wicked Travel for some free goon and a chat to the babe that is Dom. Quite naturally Alice was made to down a glass.

A very late curry AND a beaut cake! Which was then thrown away by the cleaners the next day :(. Bed bed bed.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEEECE! Sorry Oz couldn’t be sunny for you 💦



Flo x


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