Looney Times – Luna Park, Sydney to Byron Bay

13th and 14th November

The came and it rained and rained again and then it rained some more.

The prospect of a 13 hour bus overnight meant that we HAD to get out during the day, come rain or shine or hangovers.

Very leisurely we packed our ever filling bags and set off for Luna Park.


This would have been a beautiful walk over the water but instead the heavens opened and we were treated to Sydney in the lashing rain.




The harbour bridge left us all soaked and we were quite looking forward to having a look at the great, somewhat creepy park.






It’s free to get in and has an old theme park vibe about it, with music box soundtrack and rickety rides. We had a quick wander round then settled in the watching area to view the big slide, indoors.

Suddenly a rain and lightening storm like I’ve never seen erupted. The water began to seep into our watching area and then through into the games room. We were literally stuck, stranded, trying not to get wet. Thankfully, a kind lady let us into the room but the water continued to seep under the gate and under all the electrical game consoles.


For twenty minutes this continued and we watched, with slight amusement, as the staff desperately tried to prevent a Noahesque flood from happening in the games room and blowing all the electrics.

Finally it let up and we were able to grab a train back to catch this dreaded overnight bus.


Abi and mine’s tactic to be able to protect our pillows. Fetching.

Having had little sleep we actually all slept pretty well, except for when the bus lurched and sent both Alice and I flying off the seats onto the floor- her breaking her necklace and me smacking my already poorly ankle.

We stopped a few times but didn’t have to get off and before we knew it we were pulling into a cloudy Byron Bay. If this weather doesn’t let up I’m not sure what we can do…

We had heard so many good things about the great Bay; its hippie vibe, the cool chilled out atmosphere and the great surf.  I can only assume that this is all weather dependent as we didn’t see much of this.

Our first impression of the hostel, Aquarius, was super good. There was a pool and nice facilities. Then I asked for a mug for a cup of tea (you had to put down $20 for cutlery) and, despite the receptionist giving a bowl to a girl before me, I was refused as apparently I have a face that said I wasn’t to be trusted with said mug and wouldn’t return five minutes later clean.

Who needs to pay for cutlery when you have a tupperware box?

So tea-less and with the rain beginning to fall we moved onto the kitchen area.

Here the news was beginning to come through about the Paris attacks. Devastating images and unanswerable questions. Despite our different nationalities, this room full of strangers were united in trying to understand the atrocities and mourning for those attacked.

As the rain still poured we decided that the only thing we could possibly do was see the new James Bond film, Spectre. So we did. Great craic and great Craig!! Alice fell asleep but the the rest of us enjoyed it thoroughly, enjoying particularly the opening sequence, one continuous shot, worked on by our friend we met on the boat from Gili to Bali.

The sun actually came out as we left and we wondered around the bizarre collection of shops and boutiques before heading back to the hostel to see what the pool DJ night had to offer. Not much. The path to the social area in the hostel was blocked off and we were bound to our separate rooms.

Somewhat disgruntled we headed to the next door cafe for our free dinner, Tori and I not expecting much, having experienced the free ‘dinners’ in NZ. Wonderfully surprising we were treated to a massive portion of chilli con carne, with a proper veggie version, and all the trimmings! Bliss.


Then a huge lightening storm hit, that actually tore us away from our cards so we could watch the incredible scenes.

Bed and hopes for a better tomorrow.

Flo x









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