Wicked Travelling – Byron Bay to Brisbane

15th and 16th November

So it turns out that there is very little to do in Byron Bay when it rains. We had already done the cinema and now we were out of ideas.

We didn’t fancy making ourselves into lightening rods while surfing, so onward to the wicked travel shop for free wifi. This means admin day. Hostels booked, buses booked, activities confirmed – we were on a roll.

There’s only so long you can spend organising your life wishing the rain would stop. So in a brief pause in the rain we went exploring Byron.



Lots of expensive boutique shops, vintage everywhere and so many food places. How no one in Byron Bay is fat I don’t understand. One glance at a Lindt chocolate cheesecake and I could feel the calories being absorbed into my body.




A heavily nutritious lunch of either peanut butter sandwiches or, in Flo’s case, tinned spaghetti on toast eaten straight off the saucepan lid. New lows. The trials of having to pay for plates and cutlery were really starting to show.


One thing I will credit Aquarius backpackers for is the free evening meal. Tonight was a barbecue, our fist in Australia, and I admit I was impressed. The people and staff may not be particularly friendly but the food is good.

Our free cocktail for completing a survey turned out to be ‘jungle juice’ what that is I don’t know but it was free so no complaints. Abi, Alice, and I at this point decided it was either bed or another drink. It was 9pm, we couldn’t possibly sleep. Out it was.

The biggest party this early in the night appeared to be around a reggae busker. We did eventually find a short queue to Byron Bay Hotel and therefore decided that must be the place to be. It turned out to be a pretty cool outdoor bar and by the time we left at an embarrassing 11pm the party just seemed to be getting started.

The next day was equally uneventful. This was our last day in Byron before we headed up to Brisbane and our prayers were answered when the sun finally made an appearance. Naturally we dropped our bags and headed straight for the beach.



While it had reached warm in the town, the sea breeze meant that the beach was actually still pretty cold and within minutes the rain started yet again. Knowing as we did that when it rains it pours we got out of there pretty sharpish.


This time the shower did not persist and before long the sun was back out to play. Now, however, it was our turn to leave.

Another Greyhound to another city. Brisbane here we come.

In Brisbane we would be staying in Base Central. This time we weren’t all put in different rooms plus we got buy one get one free drinks vouchers for answering a riddle. Not to shabby.

The rooms weren’t bad (aside from two of our 8 roommates), we even had a balcony, and apart from the showers firing water in every single direction, the bathrooms were also decent. All in all one of the better Base hostels we’ve stayed in.

As has become a bit of a theme, we decided to go for a quick drink in the bar underneath the hostel that night.

My new bff Jordan teaching me a few ‘moves’ because I was apparently ‘far too white’



It all started with a 2 for 1 glass of wine and ended with many new friends, a dance lesson, a game of musical chairs, many bruises, a chipped tooth, grazed knees and a McDonalds.

Tori x




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