Let’s go to the beach, beach, and then into the bush – Brisbane to Gagaju Bush Camp, Noosa

17th and 18th November

First full day in Brisbane, and after our fun filled night and a few sore heads, knees and bums we were ready to see what it had to offer.

The sun was out and the change in temperature was dramatic. It was hot.



After a little time wandering around the streets we headed to the South Bank, a destination we knew would result in finding our first city beach. And find it we did.



The heat and the sight of the blue water in front of us made us realise that we hadn’t brought any form of swimwear – new lesson – always be prepared! So it was that we turned around and headed back to hostel to grab something, anything, to swim in and returned.




We splashed about for a bit but soon wondered out of the heat home to prepared for a good night’s sleep and the 6 o’clock start.


No free food tonight but we did solve the riddle again!

Up up early early for the bus to Noosa and the start of our first bush camping experience. Just missing the first shuttle we headed off in search of some food (as always). Colds were beginning to take hold of two of us so we bulked up on fruit juices.

We met some girls at the bus stop who had just returned from their Gagaju bush tour and, unfortunately, their reviews were not encouraging. But then some Irish girls showed up who would be staying as well and our days were brightened. Wherever you go and whatever you do may the luck of the Irish be with you, and all that. We knew we’d make it fun.

Up turns the bus and out walks this man who looked the typical bush warrior, impressive moustache and tats galore. We all stopped off at the supermarket and the four of us maybe went a tad over board with the alcohol – 20 litres for the three nights….well you can always save it right?!

The camp, set right next to the river, it was made up of small huts and open areas, with a big fire. It would certainly be an experience.


A quick look around and we found it to be very well equipped seeing as we were staying in the bush. Proper kitchen gear and a tv hut, not too shabby.




Our beds were hammock-like bunk beds which we were told would be the most comfortable thing we would sleep in. And also that we would most definitely be very hot throughout the night.

We came…


…We saw…

img_1967We well and truly moved in

We were then left to our own devices and had a small wander around, chatted to a few people who were on their second day. The general consensus was that the first day of canoeing was incredibly hard (we heard whispers of 14km). None of us would ever say that our arms were the strongest parts of our bodies but after today maybe things would change.

Soon the sun was setting and that meant the alcohol could start flowing. Or just Alice and I decided that. Bushman Brandon took Abi, Alice and I on the back of his truck to collect marshmallow sticks, which turned into the three of us looking for all the deadly spiders and snakes we’d been warned about.



We’d pushed the boat out and got rosé goon this time, just to test it out. Lovely stuff…full bodied… :/. We then set about proving to some Dutch fellows that we were masterminds at ping pong. This was fine until Alice whacked herself in the face with her bat. Abandoning this we went in search of the others only to find them slaving away on the gas stove cooking us all dinner. The mummy’s of the group.


The night turned into some fun filled games of card and drinking games and general merriment. Then we sat round the fire and attempted to make smores, roasted marshmallows, chocolate sandwiched by two biscuits. They were interesting. According to Abi we didn’t have the right biscuits, they needed to be gram crackers? so we were left with some dry biscuit, burnt marshmallow and non melted, too thick chocolate. We call it homemade.

After riddles in the dark it was time to test out the sleeping arrangements. The hammocks were indeed comfy, although attempting to get into the top was hilarious. But the temperature was most definitely not hot, not even warm. Most of the room woke the next morning in their jumpers, socks even coats!

Bring on the heat!

Flo x





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