‘Just stand still and wiggle your toes’ – Gagaju Bush Camp, Noosa

20th November

Last night we had coped a lot better with the cold night, now that we were prepared. Jumpers, tights . everything we could possibly fit on our bodies, wet on.

After a pretty exhausting day canoeing against all the currents, we weren’t too excited to be doing it all again. However, it would be a shorter trip, we were promised, and a lot easier.

Having nailed the power strokes, both groups, Alice, Tori and I and Abi, Moa and Asta assumed that they would be reforming these teams. But no. Bushman Brandon (Big B) quickly swiped up his hunni Alice, leaving Tori and I abandoned in a three man canoe.

Fortunately today the current was in our favour so Tori and I gently – not paddling at all – floated downstream. At the back, obviously. We only stopped to have a small, strange conversation with a man on a boat who told us, oh so flirtatiously, that he could be a piranha for us…?


The Oreo boat reformed: Asta, Moa, and Abi

We swiftly bobbed on by and finally joined the others on a deserted island covered in crab holes. We were also warned to look out for sting rays. ‘Just make some noise in the water and they will avoid you’. ‘If that doesn’t work you’ll know about it’. Great.


Still, we just lounged in the shallow waters and chatted, also gazing up at the eagles above. Very relaxing.

We then broke off into groups, some returning to camp whilst we went on a explore. Big B promised that we would not have to get out of the boats as Abi was convinced she would be stung by the dreaded ray. But soon we were out of the boats having to tug them over shallow waters and adopting the survival tactic of bashing the paddle around in the water in front before stepping. Worked a treat until one appeared right in front of us.

We lounged around a bit more and decided that we would do a group BBQ that night, or the meat eaters would and I would have the classic dish of pasta.


Soon we were going back (against the current once again) but not before George, Stef an and a German girl capsized their boat.

Back on dry land we headed straight for the showers and the kitchen. Waiting for food made us hungrier so whilst Alice went off with Big B to gather the supplies, the children of the group (Tori, Abi and I) headed to the small store to see what was there….Crisps and dog food. Having not reached the stage yet where dog food was appealing I opted for some crisps to pass the time.

Dinner was satisfying on all parts. The others launched into a serious game of ring of fire and truth and dare whilst I, sober from my cold still, learnt some ‘useful’ phrases of Dutch. All in all a very educational evening.

A possum

Goodbye to the Swedish girls and to the fire, and to bushman Brandon. One final night in the hammocks and we would be out of the bush.
Bonne nuit

Flo x



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